Top 10 Energy Management Consulting/ Services Companies - 2018
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Top 10 Energy Management Consulting/ Services Companies - 2018

As the business sphere turns energy-conscious in the wake of significant technological advancements, numerous global companies—in government and private sectors—are implementing efficient and innovative energy management services to procure tangible results with reduced energy costs. This growing traction of energy management has prompted service providers to reduce dependence on foreign energy supplies while also improving productivity and profitability at reduced operational costs. As organizations today take the leap toward sustainability and reliable energy supplies, developing a corporate energy management strategy for efficient utilization of renewable and non-renewable energy resources is just as important. The first step to executing this strategy is hiring a well-trained and highly-skilled set of engineers, analysts, and operators that can seamlessly implement an energy management service within the organization. This is followed by defining and institutionalizing the energy management process to steer the business clear of any bottlenecks with a robust technology platform that translates raw energy data into real-time energy management.

However, it is imperative that companies identify the efficiency, potential risks, and opportunities of an energy resource prior to formulating the launch of a company-wide energy management service. For an energy management plan to work without a hitch, organizations need an integrated portfolio of piloted and holistic business processes that scale up and harness the full potential of the energy resource. This calls for absolute alignment and effective collaboration across regulators, utilities, manufacturers and energy consumers to fastidiously measure, evaluate and validate energy management services to meet the desired organizational objectives. With a large number of energy management services to choose from, organizations are often in a bind regarding which service provider to opt for efficient energy and support services.

Addressing this challenge, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts, and Energy CIO Insights’ editorial board has selected a list of service providers that exhibit competence and innovation in delivering energy management services.

We present to you, Energy CIO Insights’ “Top 10 Energy Management Consulting/ Services Companies - 2018.”

    Top Energy Management Consulting/ Services Companies

  • With its ETRM expertise, the company helps clients implement or upgrade software and provides end-to-end integration and extension solutions

  • The company provides E/CTRM, risk advisory, and M&A advisory consulting services for businesses active in the global commodity markets

  • A national provider of design and implementation energy efficiency solutions for homes and businesses focused on reducing energy use and generating long-term energy related cost savings

  • E&C Consultants

    E&C Consultants

    Boutique energy consultancy with an international team of true energy entrepreneurs that offer a unique blend of global capabilities and local expertise

  • Great Eastern Energy

    Great Eastern Energy

    Supplier of natural gas, electricity and renewable energy in the Northeast

  • Helio Power

    Helio Power

    Helps our clients understand their unique energy challenges and offers a customized array of services to find the optimum solution

  • Palmer Conservation Consulting

    Palmer Conservation Consulting

    IoT Solutions Provider for Energy Conservation and Facility Management

  • Scottmadden


    Management consulting firm dealing with Energy, Clean Tech & Sustainability, Corporate & Shared Services, Grid Transformation, and Rates, Regulation, & Planning

  • Uniper Energy

    Uniper Energy

    Delivers flexible, bespoke, competitively priced energy products and services

  • Vantage Etc

    Vantage Etc

    Consulting firm working on projects like solar installation, co-generating energy systems, adnd lighting updates