Emilygrene Corp.: Embracing a G-R-E-N-E Tomorrow

Emilygrene Corp.: Embracing a G-R-E-N-E Tomorrow

Burke Ewers, CEO, Emilygrene CorpBurke Ewers, CEO Increasing budget constraints, depleting natural resources, rising energy costs, and stricter compliance regulations are making “going green” no longer just an option, or even a luxury, but increasingly a necessity. For businesses and homeowners today, clean energy serves as a catalyst for innovation, new market opportunity, and wealth creation. But convincing consumers, facility managers, business owners and others to begin the journey toward a more sustainable tomorrow remains a challenge.

Rising to that challenge is Emilygrene Corp., a quickly-growing national provider of clean energy technologies for residential, commercial, and industrial entities. Focusing mainly on the areas of electrical, HVAC, security, and home theater installation, the company utilizes innovative design and technology integration to offer solutions that maximize efficiency, decrease energy use, and increase savings and profits for their clients. Emilygrene Corp. is making a niche for itself in the clean energy industry by combining a progressive mixture of finance and accounting expertise with energy efficiency and construction industry experience. This approach allows the Emilygrene Corp. team to address both the misconceptions most people have about clean energy and “going green,” as well as talk about what matters the most to many homeowners and business…how will this affect my bottom line?

Selling the Green Movement

Getting clients past the barriers to choosing clean energy over other options begins, in part, with redefining how they relate to their utility energy costs and focusing on one or a few small projects. Burke Ewers, President and CEO of Emilygrene Corp. shared how their typical first meetings with a client go and how they move them from skepticism to advocate. The typical introductory meeting with a client for Emilygrene Corp, usually begins with thorough discussions around the energy utilization of the client’s individual assets, and how energy efficiency can impact their business model as a whole. Many businesses and management teams are surprised to learn of the customer interaction and public relations advantages that come with meeting “green” standards. Once the overall financial and structural benefits of the project are determined, Emilygrene Corp. engages a comprehensive approach to fully understand every component of the client’s existing facilities, expected goals, and long-term efficiency strategy. This empowers their engineering group to build a framework and a business plan for the client, which consolidates implementation procedures and integrates various energy management improvement options offered by specialized divisions of the Emilygrene Corp brand.

All of Emilygrene Corp.’s solutions are centered on creating opportunities to reduce environmental impact and maximize financial benefits to our clients

Emilygrene Corp. has divided its company into several divisions, making it easier to offer smaller solutions to clients, perfect for homeowners and companies who are beginning their first energy efficiency initiative. Emilygrene Electric begins the transformation journey by devising easy-to-deploy building automation and controls, LED lighting upgrades, and updated compressed air systems. The electrical division often works in coordination with EAC (Emilygrene Air Conditioning & Heating) to produce an all-in-one energy efficiency modernization package complete with lighting, controls, repair, and preventative maintenance. “These projects are simple, but they act as a ‘gateway drug’ in terms of opening up a new realm of what can be achieved with energy management,” explains Ewers.

Based on the deployment success of initial proposed upgrades, a diverse consultation team dive deeper into clients’ infrastructure, enabling them to deliver a selection of more comprehensive energy prospects and simultaneously fuse renewable energy resources into facilities through a lifetime partnership guarantee and Emilygrene Financial - a financing tool for businesses of any size to stay on budget and recognize short term efficiency demands with long term payoffs. Backed by experts from the fields of mechanical contracting and electrical engineering, “All of Emilygrene Corp.’s solutions are centered on creating opportunities to reduce environmental impact and maximize financial benefits to our clients,” adds Ewers.

A Case of Unparalleled Service

While further elucidating the capabilities of Emilygrene Corp., Ewers sheds light upon an interesting case study from 2017 with inspiring results. One of Emilygrene Corp.’s clients, Avibank Manufacturing Inc. (AMI) - an American industrial goods and metal fabrication company that manufactures forged components and airfoil castings for aerospace, industrial gas turbine, and defense industries - possessed a dauntingly large carbon footprint in terms of their Southern California based facility portfolio and annual energy spend. Emilygrene Electric was introduced to one of those facilities and immediately singled out problematic daily operations trends, as well as outdated infrastructure requiring increased efficiency in the plant’s power consumption. Upon discussing the various financial benefits of their suggested solutions with the client, AMI became certain of the estimated return on investment (ROI), simplified building control format, and prospects of increased workplace productivity.

Following the initial setup of Emilygrene Corp.’s energy management services, several post deployment tests and submetering equipment were utilized to prove the overall kilowatt-hour (kWh) energy savings. These energy savings were then calculated into a first-year annual dollar savings totaling for AMI just under $135,000. In addition, the use of LED retrofit kits aesthetically improved the client’s manufacturing floor and office space with noticeable effects on employees now exposed to brighter “daylight” during work hours. This specific project’s investments not only delivered ROI within three years, but also proved as a gateway for AMI’s parent company to embrace comprehensive energy management initiatives in their multiple facilities nationwide.

"Easy-to-deploy projects act as a ‘gateway drug’ in terms of opening up a new realm of what can be achieved with energy management"

Following the successful deployment of technology and know-how to meet AMI’s improvement goals, Emilygrene Electric has since designed and installed several state-of-the-art building automation systems that add higher-level control of various lighting and heating equipment. Compressed air systems were also integrated by EAC to enhance existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units. Furthermore, the client has gone as far as to replace certain existing heating and cooling systems to maximize energy savings. AMI remains a testament to what any business can accomplish with foresight, the right strategy, and the right partner. Emilygrene Corp. is currently working on nine projects across the United States, out of which one in particular has been awarded by the United States Department of Energy as an exemplary facility in terms of commercial IoT control and energy reduction. That winner: Avibank Manufacturing Inc.

A Roadmap to the Future

Looking to the future, Emilygrene Corp. is leading the zero net energy (ZNE) initiative undertaken by several cities and states including home state California. The company is currently evolving its immense experience in the commercial and industrial landscapes to deploy energy efficiency in residential markets through their EG Home Theater division dedicated to effective smart home technologies. EG Home Theater is working in close partnership with not only production homebuilders to design systems that reduce household energy consumption, but also to educate homeowners on the benefits of smart technologies, sub-metering, and real-time monitoring assets along with home automation that maximize energy efficiency. Homeowners eager for a home theater with crisp surround sound right in their living rooms are encouraged to work with an EG Home Theater consultant to let their imaginations “go wild” and design the perfect custom smart home.

Can a smarter choice on a home theatre or the installation of retrofit LED kits be the roadmap to a greener future? According to Emilygrene Corp., it is at least the starting point on that map.

- Arijit Sarkar
    December 19, 2018
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