Top 10 Energy Management Solution Providers - 2018
R3 Retail Development: A Systematic Approach to Energy Management

Top 10 Energy Management Solution Providers - 2018

In today’s multifaceted landscape, the global energy sector is undergoing deep transformations and organizations are facing numerous challenges in sustaining power. With escalating costs and regulations surrounding the energy industry, it has become essential for organizations to deliver energy efficient and cost effective solutions to its consumers. With Energy Management (EM) solutions, enterprises can implement effective strategies to optimize their energy use and realize the benefits of energy management by implementing the appropriate solutions to save costs and increase efficiency of the business.

EM is enabling organizations to execute the energy management strategies by providing them with energy information, utility management, and analytical tools. It is also helping businesses to monitor, measure, schedule and control electrical building loads and electrical systems by identifying and eliminating unnecessary energy use and its associated cost. Organizations can easily track the use of resources, save costs, minimize the energy consumption, and enhance transparency by real-time performance monitoring. With EM, organizations are becoming more sustainable by reducing the carbon footprint and utilizing energy efficiently.

To help all the organizations to adopt these Energy Management technologies in their operations, our distinguished panel comprising of eminent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with CIOReview’s editorial board has assessed several Energy Management solution providers and shortlisted the best in the field.

We provide to you Energy CIO Insights’s “Top 10 Energy Management Solution Providers - 2018.”

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Bid Energy Provides robotic process automation to allow corporate and government organisations to generate significant savings on their energy costs
Competitive Energy Services Energy consultant firm that advises the commercial, industrial, institutional, and nonprofit sectors in all energy related issues in the competitive marketplace
Emilygrene A national provider of clean energy technologies dedicated to energy efficiency across the globe
Groove Entertainment Technologies Designs customized solution to meet clients' specific needs and simplify their experience with technology integrators
Hanley Energy Hanley Energy is a tech innovator specializing in the design, supply, installation, and support of customized energy and critical power management solutions
Helio Power Helps our clients understand their unique energy challenges and offers a customized array of services to find the optimum solution
PC Automated Controls Provides BEM solutions to non-residential construction sectors
R3 Retail Development R3 Retail Development is a leading Energy Management Solutions provider helping businesses maximize efficiency
United Energy Consultants UEC helps its clients identify and correct energy related inefficiencies and create solutions that save them time and money
Vantage Etc Consulting firm working on projects like solar installation, co-generating energy systems, and lighting updates