Wave PowerSteward: A New Wave in Power Management Tech

Wave PowerSteward: A New Wave in Power Management Tech

Jeff Timbrook, Chairman, Wave PowerStewardJeff Timbrook, Chairman
Millions of PCs are consuming unnecessary power round-the-clock and organizations are realizing it is their responsibility to promote and invest in environmental initiatives as company policy. Wave PowerSteward is dramatically changing the PC power management marketplace with the help of next generation technology, making it much easier for companies to make a positive impact on the environment while reducing power usage and costs. Taking a true “Internet of Things” approach, Wave is proactively helping companies manage energy, reduce energy costs, and promote environmental stewardship through a patented power management technology.

“The Wave PowerSteward solution accurately gathers and analyzes real-time usage and savings across a network and displays data to an on-demand analytical dashboard,” says Jeff Timbrook, Chairman, Wave PowerSteward, “Energy savings is especially important when companies are operating thousands of computers.” According to EPA studies, every 100 desktop computers consume around 39,000 kWh of unnecessary energy per year. On average, a Wave customer saves $25 per PC annually. This means a company with 5,000 computers can save $125,000 annually. Along with direct and immediate energy savings, companies and institutions can also reduce power costs through rebate programs offered by regional utility companies.

Key features of Wave PowerSteward include multi-faceted technology with dashboard and reporting capabilities that allow customers to view savings and policies at multiple levels. PowerSteward is also IT friendly, meaning there is little to no impact on IT staff. In fact, PowerSteward allows IT to be included in tactical green initiatives, including kilowatt-hour reductions and carbon footprint minimization. Users can also create multiple power-saving profiles containing detailed settings for hibernation, standby, shutdown and wake up. All of this is done using an enterprise-class security model.

“We view this as a multi-billion dollar saving opportunity for the North American marketplace,” says Timbrook. “Our ability to produce savings of $25 to $100 per machine is not uncommon, with energy savings up to 70 percent per machine.”

Customers make an immediate impact by lowering overall corporate carbon emissions and reducing total cost of ownership of PC systems

According to Timbrook, there are approximately 125 million computers in the North American market that could benefit from this solution, including education, healthcare, manufacturing, government and financial institutions as key industry sectors that stand to gain.

Timbrook says that the market needed a simpler and easier way to implement power management solutions. With PowerSteward’s universal database and Wave’s ability to implement remotely from the cloud, the company can quickly and effectively roll out the necessary technology on a large scale, again with little to no impact on IT resources. “The market is ready for a solution like Wave PowerSteward to make power management more practical and to initiate real dollar savings with an immediate ROI,” says Timbrook.

The savings analytics are so accurate that most customers enter into a gain-sharing contractual relationship with Wave. The company offers many ways to afford the technology and with a minimal upfront financial commitment from customers, an immediate ROI is achieved.

Wave has a team of experienced energy and technology consultants for deployments with its customers, allowing companies to remain fully focused on business operations. This was recently demonstrated for a company that wanted incremental energy savings. The company had already instituted strict power policies but there was no visibility into power usage data for the tens of thousands of PCs on the network. After a rapid installation of Wave PowerSteward, it was revealed that computers were not being powered down at all. This resulted in enormous overnight power usage. After PowerSteward was implemented, the company benefited from a savings of $40 annually per PC.

Wave PowerSteward is the only solution to reduce energy costs and promote environmental stewardship through patented technology designed to gather and analyze real-time usage and savings across a network. Future energy-saving initiatives are expected to address IP-based lighting, HVAC and other IoT devices.