ECM - Energy Management Services: Energy Management at its Best

ECM - Energy Management Services: Energy Management at its Best

Eugene Garcia, President, ECM EnterprisesEugene Garcia, President
Energy is a quintessential component of the operating environment across industries. A rightly executed energy management program can significantly boost the bottom line of an enterprise and deliver more value to the stakeholders. However, while experts in their areas of operation, most organizations often lack the ability to secure energy in efficient, cost effective ways. The massive amounts of intelligence and data scattered across the environment stand as a barrier to making smart energy decisions. This is where ECM – Energy Management Services, comes in. Established in 2003, ECM specializes in innovative energy procurement, sophisticated energy management services and custom solutions that meet the individual goals and key financial hurdle rates of an organization. The firm drives on deeper understanding of relational energy market and organizational dexterity to capitalize on new opportunities as they arise.

ECM combines the latest database technology, proven mathematical modeling tools and the most up-to-date analysis theories to help clients make better and more timely energy purchasing and management decisions. “It starts with our proprietary database that gives us flexibility on extrapolating the latest data, analyzing it, and then presenting it to our clients in a concise, actionable manner—in person, online or through our mobile app,” states Eugene Garcia, President, ECM – Energy Management Services. ECM’s Strategic Profiler is a sophisticated suite of propriety tools that can be tailored to provide efficient and cost-effective energy management solutions. Basic components of the software suite include regularly tracked key market indicators and historical trends to assist clients in navigating through the market environments. It not only provides comprehensive solutions in accounting and analyzing of historical data and predicting forthcoming market trends, but also a vantage point view of risk management and assessment.“Our real competitive edge comes through delivering the most sophisticated energy solution at the most competitive price to meet the specific needs of each client.

Our real competitive edge comes through delivering the most sophisticated energy solution at the most competitive price to meet the specific needs of each client

To deliver that, we place a high value on technology, automation and customization,” says Garcia.

The ECM Strategic Profiler is highly customizable and is thoroughly vetted with focus on customers’ short-term and long-term goals. It fits in perfectly with ECM’s three-pronged approach to business strategy—supply, demand, and sustainability. With this powerful strategy, ECM boasts of a high customer satisfaction rate, and they're already serving the needs of many Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. For instance, take the case of a Fortune 500 client that wanted to enhance sustainability efforts but found themselves in a cost-cutting period, with the assumption that no additional energy savings were possible. ECM employed its three pronged approach, analyzing supply, demand and renewables to empower the client with better purchasing capability, as well as reducing the demand on their energy equipments with better energy solutions. This altogether helped the client save about $2 million annually and embrace a green endeavor that reduced carbon emissions and shifted energy consumption from on-peak to off-peak.

Garcia is confident that ECM's wholesale procurement capabilities, experience with on-site renewable generation, cogeneration, demand response and energy storage has uniquely positioned them to assist larger clients thinking about developing their own microgrids. Going forward, the firm seeks to promote environment friendly energy solutions that will strike a right balance between eco-friendly endeavors and revenue generation. “At ECM, we go to great lengths to identify savings that others simply are unable to find—whether it’s leveraging thermal storage to effectively deliver low flow/low temp air side savings or understanding the demand component of electric commodity to better evaluate all levels of energy. We leave no stone unturned,” concludes Garcia.