CPower: Next-Gen Energy Management

CPower: Next-Gen Energy Management

Joe Stickney, Senior Director-Marketing, Kyle Harbaugh, Senior VP- IT & Product Management, Glenn Bogarde, SVP, CPowerJoe Stickney, Senior Director-Marketing, Kyle Harbaugh, Senior VP- IT & Product Management, Glenn Bogarde, SVP
The energy industry is currently being governed by two macro trends – decarbonization and decentralization. Decarbonization revolves around the mass deployment of renewable resources, which eventually leads to intermittent generation owing to unpredictable demand. Decentralization is driven by decreasing costs and increasing the value of resiliency that stakeholders are witnessing. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, CPower has emerged as a leading player in the energy management space that helps grid systems and their customers easily adapt to these macro trends by using a third trend, digitization, to allow real-time connectivity and technology-driven optimization. Through digitization, CPower enables grid resources to harness the benefits of technology and network a series of distributed loads, allowing clients to save on energy costs, earn revenue through energy curtailment, and increase grid reliability. “CPower operates in a way that meets both the needs of the grid and commercial customers that are using energy from that grid,” states Joe Stickney, Senior Director-Marketing of CPower.

Keeping digitization at its core, CPower offers 60 demand-side management (DSM) programs (wholesale market programs and utility market programs, among others) through which clients earn revenue, help green the energy landscape and support their communities by helping balance the grid. Team CPower also helps clients optimize their participation through customized programs based on their needs, energy assets, and existing technology.

Through the unique DSM programs, the company not only supports the client’s bottom line, resiliency, and sustainability potential but also delivers a reliable resource to the grid.

In addition to the DSM programs, CPower also provides a set of customer-facing web services that allow demand management program participation, real-time energy visualization, and market data to pass back and forth between CPower and its clients. “If the grid requires energy reduction, we can isolate which client needs to participate through these customer-facing secure web services. From a security perspective, we distribute the information directly to clients to respond to the grid need,” explains Kyle Harbaugh, Senior VP- IT & Product Management of CPower.

The uniqueness of CPower’s solutions has earned the company a rich client base. “As we try to keep pace with what is happening in the US markets, our clients are in lockstep with us to not only understand how they can leverage different energy reduction strategies but also storage and other distributed generation (DG) asset opportunities,” highlights Glenn Bogarde, SVP of CPower. A case in point, Scale Microgrid, a New Jersey-based company which implemented a series of behind-the-meter distributed generation assets into a microgrid with a vertical farming customer, partnered with CPower owing to its in-depth understanding of how each one of these assets in the microgrid, as a whole, interact with the energy market and the strategies by which it can be monetized. With the insights provided by CPower, the client company will earn revenue and save on energy costs while maintaining a high level of resilience.

Backed by its unique energy solutions, CPower today has emerged as the only energy management company that deals with enabling complex distributed energy resources and microgrid projects in the market. As for the future, the leadership team of CPower eyes growth opportunities for distributed generation at clients’ sites concerning batteries, solar power, or even gensets, particularly in locations like New York, California, New England and PJM (Pennsylvania-New Jersey- Maryland). Secondly, the company also plans to focus on carrying out grid balancing at more granular levels. In addition, CPower intends to grow the number of programs and thereby expand the participation of existing customers through a set of machine learning algorithms by next year.

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Baltimore, MD

Joe Stickney, Senior Director-Marketing, Kyle Harbaugh, Senior VP- IT & Product Management, Glenn Bogarde, SVP and John Horton, President & CEO

CPower is a demand-side energy management company. The company helps commercial, industrial, education, government, and healthcare organizations save on energy costs, earn revenue through energy curtailment and distributed energy resources while helping its clients increase grid reliability and achieve their sustainability goals. CPower understands that demand-side energy management is not one-size-fits-all. Thus, the company first understands the intricacies of its customers’ business. CPower forms an energy management strategy with CPowered Program Solutions and then continues to work closely with its customers to refine their energy management efforts